2021 Rules and Regulations 2021 Rules and Regulations

The World Motorsport Council has formally approved the new rules and regulations for the 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

The new rules have emerged from a detailed two year process of examining technical, sporting, and financial issues to develop a package of regulations.

The new rules will ensure:

  • cars that are better able to battle on the track
  • a more balanced competition on the track
  • a sport where success is determined more by how well a team spends its money not how much it spends – including, for the first time, a fully enforceable cost cap in the FIA rules
  • a sport that is a better business for those participating and more attractive to potential new entrants, and
  • a sport that continues to be the world’s premier motor racing competition.

To see the details of the 2021 rules and regulations: