Fan survey shows strong support for F1’s sustainability drive

Following the announcement in November 2019 that Formula 1 will be net zero carbon by 2030 and all our races and events will be sustainable by 2025 we asked 3,500 fans for their views and reactions to the news through F1 Fan Voice (

The results show strong awareness and support for the plans with a clear recognition that Formula 1 as a technological innovator has an important role to play in carbon reduction.

The survey highlighted that Formula 1 has very sustainability conscious fans who care about this important issue. 90% of the fans surveyed expressed concern about the environment and 60% claimed to participate in sustainability activities.

The majority of fans were aware of Formula 1’s plans to improve the sustainability of the sport and be net zero carbon by 2030 and felt more positive about the sport as a result of the commitments. They also believe it is a genuine commitment to improve the sustainability of the sport. The survey showed that 75% of fans said they are aware of F1’s sustainability announcement, 82% appreciated the lengths F1 is going to act in a more sustainable way, 59% feel more positive about F1 as a result of the announcement and 71% think the strategy is genuine and not a marketing ploy.

Alongside the positive awareness and sentiment towards the announcement the survey also showed that fans are willing to change their own behaviour in order to be more sustainable with 60% saying that they are willing to change their behaviour as a F1 fan to contribute to a more sustainable sport.

The plans announced in November set out that Formula 1’s history of being at the forefront of technological and automotive innovation provides a global platform to accelerate progress and develop technologies that reduce and eliminates carbon emissions from road cars. The results show that our fans agree with this with 66% saying they think F1 should be a leader of sustainability in motorsport, 62% believing the initiative fits to F1’s technology orientation and 63% supporting the view that F1 is the right platform for innovation in sustainability.

Formula 1 will continue to track the sentiment of fans in the coming months as we make progress against the plans set out in detail in our sustainability plans. To see the full sustainability plan please click the link to our corporate website: