Formula 1 publishes Environment, Social & Governance briefing note to detail its sustainability progress & plans

F1 has a proven history of pioneering technologies & innovations that have positively contributed to society. In recognition that creating a sustainable and relevant sport is central to Formula 1’s long-term strategy, today Formula 1 has published an Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) briefing note. The briefing note outlines how the collective sport is developing potential solutions to global transportation challenges and gives a progress update on Formula 1’s delivery against its ambitious Sustainability Strategy.

With the aim to embark on a new era of automotive leadership and innovation, Formula 1, the F1 Teams, and the FIA are currently finalising the Technical Regulations for 2026. By shaping the regulations and direction of the competition, together we will encourage rapid design, development, and delivery of invaluable technologies for the future – particularly in relation to Advanced Sustainable Fuels and the sport’s next generation hybrid engines.

The ESG briefing note outlines F1’s development capabilities and approach to Advanced Sustainable Fuels and their applicability to the global car parc. While racing fuel only makes up 1% of F1’s carbon footprint, Advanced Sustainable Fuels is where F1 could have the greatest multiplier effect on the global transportation sector, with its applicability to multiple sectors like aviation and freight, and its drop-in capabilities meaning that it could be used in existing internal combustion engine hardware.

Furthermore, Formula 1 is proud to update on its own activities in its Sustainability Strategy with key progress updates across all three pillars of our strategy. Highlights from 2021 include: welcoming the first intake of students into the Formula 1 Engineering Scholarship programme, the debut of the W Series as a support series for F1, and our continued focus to reduce the carbon footprint our logistics through projects such as remote broadcasts and infrastructure updates.

To view the full Formula 1 ESG Briefing document, click below.